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My 6 albums of the year

These aren’t going to be the most eclectic or influential ones just albums which make me grin from ear to ear like the joker.


  1. My first album of 2009 is a danceable little fellow by a Canadian lass called Emily Haines aka Metric. As you may be aware she is a member of one of my favourite bands of the last 2 years Broken Social Scene and this album is much like their work with a mix of the Breeders/Smashing Pumpkins and probably every other indie/rock girl group. The amazing guitar hooks and blistering synth loops are what made this album. Listen to Gold, Guns, Girls and Front if you want to dance around like a possessed giraffe or Twilight Galaxy for a more inverted reflective view. Anywho, the whole album is worth buying – or listening to on my Spotify playlist


I know I should be working on my list of tracks but I got sidetracked by the strangest thing I have ever seen. I’ve just seen a student posting on a site devoted to furries  -seriously it was his 467th post. Never google the word furry, it’s wrong.


Teaching, who said it wasn’t fun?

A new age

Well it’s  not a new age as such, more a case of me starting my old blog up with ramblings about music and the like. So if anyone is reading this I promise it’ll get better as I’m writing a list of the 6 best albums of the year so far.

Hey, it gives me something to do at work. If only I could get back on – why did I forget my MSN password?


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